What Is Cloud Computing 2023

What Is Cloud Computing

Hello friend’s Today in this post we will tell you that What is cloud computing?

And what are its types and what are its benefits So let’s start.


What is cloud computing?


Cloud computing is that technology in which various types of services are provided using the internet. These services can be anything. Be it any type of software or storage space is to be given to server or any other services. Cloud computing means providing any type of computing services through the internet on user demand.


Types of cloud

There are four models of cloud system and user can subscribe to any model according to their business requirements.


1. Private cloud

This allows cloud computing resources to be used for a particular business organisation. The system is primarily used for intra business, in which computer resources are controlled and operated under a single organisation. This is such a cloud infrastructure that the dedicatedly host all the applications of a particular IT organisation. So that it complete control is over the data so that the security is unlikely to be breach.


2. Community cloud

In this, computing resources provides community and organisation. It is a multi tenant cloud infrastructure in which the cloud is shared between other IT organisations.



3. Public cloud

public cloud is commonly used in b2c (business to consumer) business. In this computer resources are operated and controlled by government, academies and business institutions. This type of cloud infrastructure is hosted by other service providers and which are later made public, in such a cloud, users have no control over them or else the infrastructure can be viewed.



4.hybrid cloud

This type of cloud is used in both b2c and B2B types of business. A system of these types is called a hybrid cloud in which computing resources are separately connected to the cloud. It is a combination of two or more different types of cloud (private, public and community) only when hybrid cloud infrastructure is created. where each cloud remain as a single entity but all cloud combine and create multiple deployment model which is beneficial.



Types of cloud computing

Cloud computing is mainly divided into three parts namely Iaas,paas,saas.

1. Infrastructure as a service (IaaS)

this service are self service models that are used to manage monitoring accessing and infrastructure from a remote location.

In this, user computing research can access it on the internet in a virtual way. It provides various types of computing services and infrastructure such as virtual service space network connections, bandwidth, load balancer and IP address etc.net works are typically divided into free data centres.By using IaaS computing, any business can save a lot of cost, such as maintenance, buying new components.

Ex – servers, firewall,router, cdn.



2. Platform as a service (PaaS)

it provides a self service model line of software developers to manage computing infrastructure from centralised IT operations.

it provides developers with a platform where they can build or build applications. This services can be hosted in the cloud itself and the user can access it from anywhere through the internet. It provides a platform that support application development.

Ex- email services: gmail, outlook.com.

3. Software as a service (SaaS)

SaaS access web to deliver an application that is managed by a third party vendor and whose user interface can only be accessed by the client. It is the “software service distribution” model of cloud computing, in which the application is hosted by the service provider or vendor. SaaS is becoming a very popular service delivery model in today’s times that support service oriented architecture (SOA) and web services.

Through the internet, this service is made available to the customer all over the world.




Benefits of cloud computing

1. Low cost of IT infrastructure.

2. Less computer hardware and software required.

3. Better performance.

4. Less maintenance problems and minimum maintenance costs.

5. Easy of software updates.

6. Compatibility between cloud computing systems and computer operating systems.





In this post of mine, I have explained about what is cloud computing, types of clouds, types of cloud computing, benefits of cloud computing. may I hope you like this post.if you have whatever queries regarding to this post then please ask me in the comment section.

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