What is Random Access Memory (RAM)

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What is Random Access Memory (RAM)
What is Random Access Memory (RAM)

What is random access memory

Random access memory is a type of core made of metal oxide semiconductor.

We can select any location of this memory and use it to store any data directly or to read the data from it Random access memory consists of such registers and some circuits connected in them where the data is there Possible to move to and from

Each location has a fixed address, with the help of which we can access that location and hence this memory is known as random access memory.

There are two types of rim

DM means Dynamic RAM

Static ram

 Dynamic RAM Key

Dynamic RAM-glued storage cell storage circulars have a transistor that functions in the same way as an on-off light switch worker and has a capacitor mounted on it.

 A capacitor that stores an electric charge, according to the state of the transistor rupees switch, the capacitance either holds no charge or keeps the charge.

But the capacitance charge leaks, so what is the provision to generate that charge to rise again, the DM has to refresh again and again, thus destroying all the information it contains when the power goes out. is

Static ram

This RAM is saved by keeping the information as long as the power supply is running, the information that is needed in the power is deleted, in this RAM there is no need to refresh again and again like D RAM. It accesses data faster than D RAM

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