How To Take Screenshot In Jio Phone 2020

How To Take Screenshot In Jio Phone 2020

Hello friends, welcome all of you once again to our blog, as you all know, Jio phone is the cheapest 4G keypad, phone launched by Reliance company and in India it is also bought by a large number of people with full resistance. Has gone, but can you take a screenshot in Jio Phone? In this article today, we will tell you how to take Screenshot In Jio Phone so let's start quickly without delay.

Can Take Screenshot In Jio Phone 

First of all, let me tell you one thing that you cannot take screenshots in Jio phone, yes friends, because it is a keypad, phone and in this Jio keypad phone, you do not get the facility to take screenshots, there is no such function in this mobile. Given, with the help of which you can take a screenshot, so it is not possible

Note - But yes friends, if you want to take a screenshot of something on the Internet or a web page in a live phone, then you can do this, for this you follow the method given below.

How To Take Screenshot in Jio Phone

#1. First of all, you open the browser of your live phone, after that you copy the url / link of any web page or website on the Internet that you want to take a screenshot of.

#2. After that you search screenshot. Guru on Google in a new tab and open this website.

#3. After opening a search box will appear in front of you, in this search box you have to paste the copied url / link, then click on I'm Not Robot and verify it and click on Screen Capture.

#4. Now you will see the photo of that page in front of you, you have to download that image, then in this way you can take a screenshot in your live phone.

#5. Now You Check Your Gallery Your Screenshot Screenshot Must Have Been There. 

The specialty of this website is that no matter how big your web page is, it gives you a screenshot of the entire page, instead you will not be able to take a screenshot of a much larger web page in another website.


Why Can't You Take A Screenshot On Jio Phone 

Josh keypad, phone runs on the KaiOs operating system due to which screenshots cannot be taken in it, nor can any Android application is downloaded inside it, now you must be wondering if application like WhatsApp Facebook Hotstar runs on Jio phone. Which is already installed inside the phone?

So friends, what you have already gotten installed on WhatsApp and Facebook app inside Jio phone, Jio has been designed separately to run on its key system, so this app is already given in the phone but other than these Can not download other Android apps on your phone 

But friends, if you want to take a screenshot of something or a web page on the internet, then you can easily take it, I have told you the above method.



The Conclusion

In this article today, we told you that how to take screenshot in Jio Phone, then friends, you must now understand how to take screenshots in Jio phone. Hope you will like the information given by us, you must tell us by commenting.

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