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Components of computer network


Hello friends welcome all of you to our blog Friends, today we are going to tell you about components of computer network.

In a computer network, so today we about to tell you.

1. Modem

2. Switch

3. Router

4. Hub

5. Nic

6. Cable

What Is Computer Network

When one or more computers are connected to each other through some means such as wire or wireless, it is called a computer network, during this time it acts as an exchange of scolded exchange of resources, share etc.

A network is a group or group of computers that are very useful to communicate with each other. A computer network can also be called a scolded network because it is a communication channel where we can share any scolding.

Components Of Network Computer

Nic - Network Interface Card

Network interface card is a hardware

device made up of printed circuit board that establishes connectivity between computer and network. Network interface cards are also different for different network topologies and protocols. Each network interface card has a special MAC (Media Access Control is Addresse) which is given by the card making company. Each node connected to the network is identified by its MAC address.


A switch is a hardware device that connects different computers to a network. The switch groups all the devices on the network to transfer data to another device. A switch is a better component than a hub because it does not transmit messages across the network. Means that it sends the message to the device to which it belongs. We can say that the switch sends the message directly from the source to the destination. 


The Hub is a hardware device that divides a network connection into multiple devices and when one computer requests information from another computer it sends it to the hub and then Hub distributes this request to all interconnected computers. A hub is usually used to connect segments of a LAN (Local Area Network). A hub consists of several ports. Data coming in a single port is available in each port of the hub but nowadays hun is not used. Is because the process by the hub spends a lot of bandwidth and its communication volume is also limited, instead switches and routers are being used. 


Modem's full name is modulator

demodulator. The modem connects the computer to the network via the telephone line. Only analog signals can be sent to the telephone line and when the computer generates digital data, the modern computer generates digital data converted to analog data. Which is sent to the telephone line and on the other hand the analog data received on the telephone line is converted into digital data by the modem to make the computer usable

Converting digital data to analog data is called modulation whereas converting analog data to digital data is called demodulation. The speed of the modem is measured in bps and kbps. It is measured when the modem sends and receives the data in the old times. The modem speeds were 2400 baud, 4800 baud, 9600 baud, 14.4k and 33.6k.

But the fastest possible speed today is 56 k (56,000kbps)


A router is a device that connects a LAN to the Internet. A router is primarily used to connect different networks or to connect the Internet to multiple computers by making packets of data signals from one place to another over the Internet. Routes are routed to the location to send the data packets to the address determined by the shortest and fastest route. The router checks the cards on the data packets sent over the network with the help of a software and The routing table is also used to transmit in the right direction, for this the routing table is used.

What is network topology


Cable is a transmission media that transmits communication signals by which one or more computers and other devices are connected. It is used to transmit signals.

Three types of cables are used in data transmission.

Twisted Pair cable

It is a high speed cable that transmits 1gbps or more data speed.

Coaxial cable

A TV installation cable looks like. Coaxial Cable is more expensive than Twisted Pair Cable but it provides high data transmission speed.

Fiber Optic Cable

Fiber optic cable is a high speed cable that transmits data using light beams. It provides high data transmission speed as compared to other cables. It is much more expensive than other cables.

What is Computer Mouse

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The Conclusion

Friends, in this article we have told you about the components of computer network. Hope you guys will like the information given by us, how did you like our article, please tell us by commenting.

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